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    We're the Rojas Family!  Baseball is in our DNA and it's because of this love, along with the desire to have today's fans connect a little bit with our game's great history, we decided to launch our product line in February 2019.  You may be wondering how someone who just finished his 18th season of calling Major League Baseball games on radio and television 'falls' into the apparel business...let's just say I've dabbled a little in merchandising and marketing at one point in my career prior to donning a broadcast headset.

    A home run has had numerous nicknames through the years.  Jack, tater, long-ball, dialing 8, moon shot, are just some of the nicknames that have been used throughout baseball's history.  For me, it's always been 'Big Fly'...don't know why or how it stuck but it's just the perfect exclamation point on an exciting moment.  While 'Big Fly' is the term I use to refer to home runs hit for the 'good guys,' our apparel brand is more than just the term itself.  Our one-of-a-kind graphics will tell you a story about a specific person, group, moment, place in baseball's illustrious history and you'll be able to read about our graphic's inspiration on each product page.  Alone, our products have a story and collectively, we hope, they take you back in time to relive some of the most memorable moments in our grand ole game.  Yes, they will more than likely be home run related but we have so many wonderful things in the hopper already we may delve into other historical factoids.  Our main focus will be the most memorable show-stoppers in baseball's history with our own feel and look for the time period. To date, we have created graphics that honor Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig & Mike Trout specifically as well as  women in baseball with our Belles graphic & Latino home run hitters with our Soy Jonronero graphic...just to name a few.

    With all of that said, we know what we entrepreneurial family start-up.  It's just us and we're not afraid to be known as a 'mom and pop' shop, we'll wear that distinction proudly.  We want to connect with you and make you feel as if you're not only buying quality goods, but doing so from friends.  We want you to wear our products to a game or on a night out hangin' with friends and be able to share your 'story' with them.  We also want to make sure your experience with our brand is first-rate.  Will there be bumps in the road from the onset?  You better believe it...while we strive for perfection, we know it's not a reality.

    We'll always welcome your feedback.  Additionally, we would love to see how things look on you once they've arrived.  Don't hesitate in sharing your pics with us via social media with the #bigflygear hashtag.  Our plan is to show off those who are 'Livin' Life Outta the Park.'

    Thank you.

    The Rojas Family


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    "Big Fly" ... A True Home Run For Baseball Fans

    Since the first recorded baseball game in Hoboken, New Jersey - June 19, 1846, baseball story telling has been a key stitch in baseballs fabric. Big Fly sets the stage to share past and present in a unique way, via the stories and places the great game of baseball takes us. Tip of the cap to the Big Fly crew for elevating the game in a way we can all appreciate. Shirts are awesome in every way! James V

    大谷-San Tee (Ohtani)
    Nicholas Madsen

    Soft, comfortable, very good quality. Shipped fast and have been wearing it almost too much!

    755 Tee
    Deborah Seymour
    Love it!

    Celebrate the Hank Aaron home run total record by sporting this comfortable, well-designed tee. As with all Big Fly Gear, the quality is spot on and the design tells a great story. The colors pop on this one, and it's very flattering.

    Big Fly USA Tee
    Deborah Seymour
    Great styles

    The tees from Big Fly Gear never disappoint. They're original, well made, and fit perfectly. Always a pleasure to acquire a new one.

    Great Tee

    I love this shirt! I love the baseball seams with the logo. I’d love to see more shirts in this style.