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    Latest Updates from Big Fly

    May Days

    Happy May 1st, everyone! It's been an exciting first couple of months and we're thrilled with the progress we've made to date.

    Today, through our Big Fly Brigade initiative, we made our monthly donation to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. The Fund is helping military personnel suffering the effect of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) by building a series of facilities, called Intrepid Spirit Centers, satellites to the National Intrepid Center of Excellence, on military bases across the nation where injured service members can be diagnosed and treated. In addition to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, we've made previous donations to Fisher House, Semper Fi Fund and Folds of Honor since we launched in February and will continue to make monthly donations on behalf of our family.

    In other news, a couple of days ago we announced our first reseller agreement with KC Sports, LLC. KC Sports is now in its 25th year of hosting USSSA Baseball tournaments throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Rick Fortuna, Owner and Founder of KC Sports, is also the current Chairman of the Board of USSSA Baseball. With this agreement, KC Sports will be allowed to sell select Big Fly merchandise at all of their tournaments/showcases in the 4-state area. Our hope is this partnership expands from the Midwest to a National presence with USSSA Baseball.

    In addition to this agreement, we continue to turn out some amazing graphics. We were thrilled with the reaction and feedback our No. 4 Train graphic received. We're on the verge of putting out our next graphic called 'The Shot'...honoring Bobby Thomson's historic home run in Game 3 of the 1951 playoffs between the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. After 'The Shot, we'll unveil our Negro Leagues tribute graphic.

    We continue to roll along and looking for ways to better serve our customers. If you ever have an idea and/or suggestion, please feel free to email us at

    Thank you and have a great month of May!

    The Rojas Family


    Baseball Season's Upon Us

    It's that time of year when I head to Southern California to crank up the baseball season. This off-season has absolutely flown by because of what we decided to do with Big Fly Gear. It was a consuming 6 months but worth every drop of sweat equity.

    I think I'm most proud of the fact the kids have been fully vested in our venture. Asking questions, making suggestions, taking inventory, quality assurance, etc. I think when we started spit-balling ideas for the business they weren't sure of the vision and the scale. But after going through the design process and seeing things comes to fruition with actual inventory followed by actual customers, they seem to have bought in to what we're doing.

    We are currently 5 plus weeks since launch and our plan of growing the business organically has been successful. We continue to grow our social media following and more importantly, our customers are helping as well. Nothing gives us more pleasure than not only seeing customers buy our products but also posting pictures/captions as well. It validates everything we sought out to accomplish.

    So what's next? Well, we've recently launched our Military graphic and we will continue to delve deeper into our storytelling. Our next several graphics are complete and will be introduced over the next couple of months. My personal opinion, our upcoming graphics continue to get better and better and that's saying something considering how much we love what we already have.

    Next week, I'll be back in the broadcast booth full time. Don't fret, my attention on Big Fly won't be far away. We will continue to run our business as a family and do so with the care it deserves. Thank you for joining us on this ride and keep Livin' Life Outta the Park!


    First Week in the Books

    What an amazing first week for our little business.  Truth be told, it feels more like 6 months because of the anxiety but it certainly has been worth it.  I think the most gratifying part of this week has been the pictures we've seen posted on Social Media.  It's one thing to have an idea and put it up on the internet while keeping your fingers crossed but it's another to actually see your sweat-equity come to life with real-life people wearing your products...simply the best!

    The feedback we've been provided has been invaluable and will continue to be.  We want to make sure you're happy every step of the way, so if there's anything we can do to make your experience better/more enjoyable, please let us know.  We can be reached at  Same goes for suggestions or ideas...while we have plenty and are currently working on several, we'd love to hear from you.

    As for what's next, we have a couple of more graphics that are ready to roll with 3 others just behind them.  We're also in the process of adding products to our line as well and hopefully that'll be ready to go by the first week of March.  This will include adding secondary color options to most of our graphics.

    Thank you once again for a great week and hope to see your gear online soon.  Don't forget, use #bigflygear to show it off.


    Launch Month

    It's Saturday morning in Miami and while the majority of the country is still trying to thaw out from the Polar Vortex, we're visiting family on my birthday weekend as we get ready to kick this thing off.

    There's been so much hard work from my family and friends.  Once we get to the point of finally making the site live, I'll definitely thank them all by name.  The most difficult part of this process now is letting go...meaning, I feel as if things are ready with product, shipping supplies, printer, etc. but being a perfectionist, I'm still going through things and tweaking them on a daily basis.

    I like one picture, I don't like another.  This one is too bright, this one is too dark.  Should I use a comma here or just take it out?  It may not seem like a lot to some but it's those little details that wakes me up in the early morning hours just so I can stare at a computer screen and make the final decisions.  It's my motivator.  Looking at my family at the dinner table and seeing their excitement as we talk about this project and knowing it's all about to come to fruition is truly the most rewarding aspect.

    We don't know what will come of Big Fly Gear.  As anyone who's ever started a business knows, you wish for the best but plan for the worst/unexpected.  We truly feel we have a wonderful story to tell with our products.  We also feel our products are made with top-notch fabrics your entire family will enjoy.  Either way, if you're reading this, we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have...



    Happy New Year, everyone! The calendar has turned and we're getting closer and closer to finally seeing all of our hard work come to fruition. It's been a fun ride so far and the best part about it has been the family's excitement on a daily basis as a new sample or graphic comes in.

    We've put together all of our Social Media platforms and they're ready to roll. Our Instagram feed you can see on the main page of our site. you can find us Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook at @BigFlyGear. As with most Social Media platforms, we'll use all of them from the onset but some may prove to be more useful for us than's the nature of the business. Regardless, we hope you follow along on our journey and most importantly, provide us your honest feedback as we begin this journey. No matter how much we feel we're doing 'everything' right, it's impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Your input will help us greatly and besides, I want us to connect with our consumers in a much different way than other brands. I'm personally used to doing so because of the position I've held for the last 15+ years...being an announcer for a MLB team means I'm communicating with fans whether I'm on a broadcast or otherwise. We want you to feel the same way with our brand...if you have an idea, suggestion, design graphic or otherwise, let us know. There's nothing better than community and that's what we will strive to be with Big Fly!

    All my best,


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    The service is wonderful and you can use it comfortably!
    I recommend Big Fly Gear to baseball lovers all around the world!

    755 Tee
    Big fly big stars

    Item was shipped immediately and arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Love the item


    The hoodie is awesome! Great quality!